Internal Funds Transfer

Before Proceeding

  • Make sure that all information  provided  is  accurate  and  correct.
  • Your request will be processed within two working days of receiving this form.
  • KABKG will not be held responsible for any Conflicts between the two accounts, it will be the clients responsibility to  organize the funding process
  • If you are transferring funds between two trading accounts with different currencies, your funds will be exchanged according to bank exchange rates
  • KABKG Introducing Brokers may use this form in order to request an internal transfer of funds between their IB and Trading accounts.
  • Transfer Details - Receiving Account

  • Declaration and Acknowledgment I declare that the information contained in this FORM is true and accurate and I certify that the signature(s) is/ are genuine. Upon my request; I agree to proceed with my withdrawal request using the above information.